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Customer Comments

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Thank you very much for supplying me with an Equivizor mask. It’s doing a great job at protecting my horse’s eyes. Also the fleecy part of the visor need not get wet when you clean it. The Full size was the best fit even though my horses measurement between his eye corners is 33cm which suggests a cob size. By Rosemary.
My horse has Uveitis and had rubbed so much that she caused an ulcer on her cornea. I purchased the Recovery Mask which stopped her causing more injury as it it very strong whilst still being comfortable. Once the ulcer had healed I purchased one of the Equivisor flymasks which blocks out the UV rays - really pleased as no more visits from vet required. By Christine G.
Bought one for my old pony, Genie, who suffers from uvitis and struggles in bright sunlight. Although she has had special masks before, the design of this one is great as the visor really does seem to significantly reduce the amount of light that enters her eyes. She comes in from the field feeling and looking much more comfortable. The mask is fully adjustable and so fits very nicely too. By Rhona S.
I cannot thank you enough for the friendly helpful and fast service you provided. To order a Recovery Vizor mask at 3.30 in the afternoon and receive it the following day is outstanding! When I asked if I could change it for the next size, no problem. No hassle. Again, the new mask was put in the post the next day and delivered the following morning. Thank you so much. The full size mask fits beautifully. By Sian L.
I have a number of Equivizors - excellent fit and stay on! But the recovery visor is the best. Sadly, Pandora had left eye removed following ERU and now sight is failing in right eye. I can be confident she’s protected when turned out. By Viv.
I am absolutely delighted with The Equivizor. My 3 year old Friesian experienced a very unpleasant bout of uveitis at Easter 2016. I subsequently purchased two of The Guardian masks, neither of which withstood the rigours of a young horse - I got through two in six months which was both costly and frustrating. The Equivizor fits perfectly, never moves, is easily cleaned and has withstood everything thrown at it, including being pulled off and repeatedly jumped on/trampled in the mud - I watched this happen and was sure it would break. It didn’t. It’s a great product - thank you! By Alison
Cody was diagnosed with insidious equine uveitis and calcific myopathy. The new ophthalmologist talked about the impact of wind and rain on Cody’s flares. This is where I started to research other options and found the Equivisor recovery visor; I’m hard to please but omg what an amazing product! I just can’t stop raving about the visor and the support I received from Penny to choose the right one.

My vet and equine ophthalmologist love The recovery visor I purchased and have seen the benefit for Cody too. It’s been a real game changer, the ongoing flare we were in has gone since I put him into it due to the wind and rain protection it offers. Cody’s eyes have also been protected after 2 surgical procedures as he can’t rub his eyes. His visor has been rollproof throughout. it’s being an absolute game changer for Cody too who has been so happy since he went into this visor. The vision he has left is maximised and the fear he had has gone. He’s back to his mischievous, funny and independent soul. This is Cody proudly wearing his visor for the first time with his head raised for the first time in months. I’m sure if he could talk he would be saying wow, I can see!! By Jacci.


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